1. How do you define success? 

Success is rather arbitrary in the sense that there aren’t any set rules or standard criteria. Some people may argue your success is a reflection of the amount of money you earn or followers you attain, while others may argue complete success requires building those around to be just as successful. If someone is willing to take a risk and persevere through whatever challenge they’re facing, then to me personally, they’ve already obtained success. Keep moving forward!

2. What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur? 

I had a humbling realization that my modeling and fitness career was not sustainable long-term. I asked myself “What would happen if I were in a car crash or severely injured to a point where my ‘looks’ and physical appearance couldn’t pay the bills anymore?” In 2015, I saw a market opportunity through Digital Marketing, where I noticed there were almost zero companies spending money through Paid Search on Google. By having that Entrepreneur “Mindset”, I knew I had to take advantage and find the perfect niche. After owning and partnering in a couple of other fitness-related nutritional companies, I found my way into the Steel Manufacturing industry and haven’t looked back ever since.

3. What motivates you? 

Family. The safety and well-being of my wife and kids’ mean the absolute most to me. Having the ability to provide for my children and prepare them for a better tomorrow is what gives me the focus and clarity to continue every day. In addition to my own family, I understand that with nearly 100 full-time employees who have put their trust in me and Redline Steel, there are several other families that rely on the success well-being of this business.

4. You have such a beautiful family, kids, etc… How do you cope with work and them? 

Balancing work with family-time may seem like a challenging task that requires a great deal of patience and negotiation between both spouses. Luckily, I’m a great negotiator so I… No in all honesty, I’m beyond blessed to have such an amazing wife by my side whom not only accepts my work ethic and responsibility in running a business, but also sees the bigger picture and realizes it’s for the betterment of our family. Although I cherish my family time, I know that my loving wife, Bre, will continue caring for and aspiring to be the World’s Best Mom no matter what.

5. What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough? 

May 3rd, 2012. This was the day I nearly died when a rocket exploded 3 feet from me while working out on base in Afghanistan. After being told I may not walk or properly function for the remainder of my life, I honestly feel that there’s nothing that can be as tough or challenging as the 6-12 months following that experience while trying to build back my physical strength along with the mental toughness to transition back into civilian life.


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