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Avneet Kaur: From Child Star to Powerhouse Performer – A Journey of Talent, Grace, and Determination

Avneet Kaur is one of the finest and most admired digital sensations in the country. She’s been motivated and hardworking since a very young and tender age and well, no wonder, innumerable young girls all over the country look up to her as an inspiration in life. From being a child actor to a stunning young actress who’s winning millions of hearts today, she has come a long way.

The social media sensation never fails to impress her fans with her fun, goofy and most importantly, raw posts on social media. The actress likes to keep her fans up-to-date about everything that’s happening in her life, which is what has helped her gain a sizable fan base over these years.

In an exclusive segment with FACE, the actress opens up about connecting with her fans, her love for dance, comparisons in the industry, upcoming Bollywood projects, and much more… 

– You started your career very young, dabbled with acting in TV shows and reality TV and have since transitioned to becoming a social media influencer and YouTuber. What was that transition like? 

Yes, I started my career young as a reality show contestant. Then moved on to doing a daily show as the lead of that show. Then social media boomed in the country. I enjoyed making content on the apps and my fans responded abundantly to my content. While social media was going on, I continued with my acting in movies, ads and daily soap. And talking about the transition, I’d say that today every actor is an influencer. Glad to be amongst the first one in this race. 

– What inspired you to start creating content on social media, and how did you carve out a niche for yourself in an overcrowded space like this? 

Honestly, social media happened as a medium to keep in touch with my friends. I just followed my heart and my fans always appreciated rawness. I don’t really put in an extra effort on creating content on social media. I just post what I like. 

– For someone who has a following of over 30M on Instagram, what do you have to say about the role of social media in your career, and how do you use it to connect with your fans and make a difference?

Recognition is what I’d say; Not just in India but internationally. I have been vocal about my opinions and always support the causes that I feel need attention.

– You’ve also been a part of multiple music videos such as Kesariyo Rang, Ex Calling and Tera Hoon Na, to name a few. What’s your fondest memory, if you could think of any, when it comes to shooting music videos? 

Every song has a beautiful memory. I have travelled to many new places because of the music videos that I have done. My fondest memory is that of Dubai, also because it’s one of my favourite cities to visit. 

– You started your career with dancing and have also participated in numerous dance reality shows. Is that something that’s still close to your heart? 

I always say that I am a dancer first. Dance is my first skill. I have been dancing from a very young age. With time, I have tried to learn different art forms and very recently I joined Kathak. Dance is my first true passion and its very liberating. 

– One of your Instagram captions said – “Comparison destroys personality”. But in the entertainment world, comparisons are inevitable. How do you deal with this? 

I honestly don’t believe in comparison although I am being judged every day for it. Every individual is different, has a different journey and unless and until I do something which is exactly similar to another person, I don’t think there is any scope for comparison. And my way of dealing with it is to simply ignore it. 

– How do you maintain the ever-elusive work-life balance?

It is not easy and imagine experiencing this at 21. I sometimes get very irritated. But this is something I have chosen, so I’m not complaining. But I would surely say it is not easy. This world of glitz and glamour and the pressure to always keep up makes you cranky, but luckily I have my family to keep me grounded.

– You’re all set to make your big screen debut as the lead in the upcoming film “Tiku Weds Sheru” and have also bagged another project titled “Luv Ki Arrange Marriage”. Where one is a romantic drama and a dark satire film, the latter is an out-and-out family comedy entertainer. But when it comes to you, which is your most favourite genre to explore and why?

I love comedy and romantic films, but as an actor, I would love to explore something which is dark/thriller and also action. The pure reason behind it is only because I can challenge myself to work harder.

– What advice would you give to young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the big bad world of Showbiz?

Keep it real and people will love you for it. 

Rapid Fire:

– A dish you cannot live without 

Pizza and Rajma Chawal 

– What was your childhood nickname? 


– What’s your least favourite type of music? 


– What hobby would you love to start? 

Go to the gym & learn to play Guitar

– What’s your favourite dialogue from a movie? 

“Mein apni favourite hoon”

– Online shopping or in-store shopping?

Both. I love shopping!

– A makeup/skincare product you swear by 

SPF & toner.


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