Interviewed By Sukhmani Sadana: May 2021

A Fashion Stylist, a Creative Consultant and a Co-Founder at Dhoom Dhaam Weddings. Also been a TEDx speaker.

Tell us about your relationship with your mother and your sister.

We have an amazing relationship we talk about everything, good bad ugly it’s just always been a very transparent honest and open relationship and I wish it stays like that. Our mom is a very liberal non-judgemental woman and I think she has brought both of us up the same way.

How are you dealing and coping with the pandemic?

Just being grateful everyday that we are in a much better place than so many others that are suffering and losing loved ones and praying that things get better! It’s been emotionally mentally quite a journey but I think seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and keep your loved ones safe and communication has been the only way to get through the pandemic.

What’s on the work front? Has it been effected in any way?

Work is off and on keeping in mind the conditions in India, when the numbers fell last year and then beginning of this year work had picked up but right now it’s on a stand still for good reason! I think safety is more imp than work at this point.

A message for you mother on Mother’s Day?

Keep inspiring us the way you always have, have stood by example and your unconditional

love will always go a long long way and we will always be there for you no matter what.

A message for your fans and our readers to bring up their spirits during these tough times?

Hope for a better tomorrow and prayers for the ones that have lost their loved ones and it is very very important in these testing times go see the real truth behind what this country needs and why all of this has happened to understand the reality of a situation and vote wisely for a better future…and stay safe until the storm passed because it will it has to.


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