Music has emotions, Diljit Dosanjh adds those to the cover of Face Magazine. 


Interviewed by – Sonali Singh

Q – How do you feel about working on this album? Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • Making the ‘Moon Child’ album has been a very emotional experience for me. I have put my heart and soul into it. My love for music has always been an inspiration for me and ironically, in return, the album has now become an inspiration in itself. I have always felt strongly about work as a part of life. Every time when I am making a song, it’s counted as a happy moment in my head. I feel relieved when my album lands up being and releasing the way I had imagined it to be. It’s very satisfying. I had heartily expressed myself through this album and therefore it was important for me that it came outright.

Q- How was it shooting for these songs?

  • It was a lot of fun actually. We all had a great time shooting these videos. Two of them have been shot in the US. Every track, Luna, Black and White, Vibe; every video was shot keeping the Covid guidelines in mind. When it comes to my music, the recordings and shootings of the music videos, etc, nothing is challenging for the simple fact that I enjoy it and it’s all fun for me, rather than work.

Q- What were your thoughts and experiences on the track ‘Lover’. Every song has a different vibe and this album is all experimental music.

  • Definitely, it has an experimental aura. Every album comes with a different sound and world. The same goes for this album. It’s the Moonchild era, it’s something which I haven’t done before. I had earlier thought that I would release the music video of ‘black & white’ prior to ‘lover’ but after experiencing the love we received for ‘Intro’, releasing ‘Lover’ made more sense then.

Q- What reaction did you get from people when you released the teaser of the album? All the songs are very different from the intro. Intro sounds more like out of the world.

  • All songs are always made for entertainment but I still try to keep some hints in there. If you make everything from ‘out of the world, then you won’t be able to work. I don’t intend to be preachy, I just want to work straight. I don’t try to necessarily send out any message. I have to work, express what I feel and so I do it in a symbolic way.

Q – Moonchild Era and G.O.A.T, both are very special with great intros and teasers. But the title of the Moonchild era is exceptionally different. How much hard work went into deciding the title?

  • Frankly, the title just came to my mind. As I mentioned, when it comes to music, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m struggling. I enjoy the process, I enjoy every moment of creating music, songs, music videos. The process as a whole is pure joy. Music is not hard work for me. It’s happiness.

Q – We have seen Elwa in many tracks of yours. How is it to work with her?

  • It’s always a great pleasure to work with her. She has a great persona and also a very professional approach to work. And that I really appreciate. We had to shoot the last part of this song again and she never had any problems in doing so. We faced certain delays due to Covid but again, she has always been super cooperative. She wants to do good work on her strength and on top she is blessed with the willingness to do so so that’s admirable.

Q- If we talk about the album, the intro was English. You have said in the past that when it comes to the English language, it is a bit tough for you. How did you come up with this intro which became so famous?

  • It’s the Moonchild Era, everything has to change. Every day when one wakes up, there is a certain change in all of us. In fact, something is changing in us every moment, including in me. So everything about the Intro is a part of that same change we are experiencing and living each day.

Q- Everyone in the industry knows that when you take up a project, you start working on it beforehand. You also create a good atmosphere regarding your projects on social media. How important is it for an artist to create a good ambiance for his or her project?

  • That’s a part of our job, creating the atmosphere, ambiance, awareness, and building the base. And if you want to create a buzz then social media surely helps a lot. It’s a great platform to talk about your work and make people aware of its existence.

Q- If we talk about titles of the songs, eg: Moonchild Era, while you were deciding these titles, did you get stuck somewhere?

  • I didn’t get stuck anywhere as thankfully it was a team effort. The track Black and White was earlier named StarStruck but then we changed it. Right at the end, we decided to go with Black and White.
    Similarly, Luna was earlier called Moon. To give you an example, I always liked the name Luna and this title was stuck in my mind right from the beginning.

Q- You are an inspiration to so many people. Even those who are not Punjabis want to be like you. What is your take on this?

  • I really believe that we are all one. Music has no language and Sound is Magic, real magic.

Q- Can you share with us which was the most difficult time of your life?

  • The time which earlier felt difficult, now makes me laugh. I believe that there is nothing such as difficult or an easy time. In the end, it is all about the journey that we have to take, make, walk or pave.

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