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Rising Star Varun Buddhadev: Balancing Brilliance on and off the Screen

In the enchanting realm of the entertainment industry, few stories shine as bright as that of Varun Buddhadev. At the tender age of 7, he embarked on a journey that would lead him to become a National Award-winning child actor, captivating hearts with his diverse roles and unwavering dedication. In this candid interview, Varun takes us through his early beginnings, challenges, inspirations, and the invaluable lessons he’s gathered from the luminaries he’s had the honor to work with.

Varun, take us back to the beginning of your acting journey. How did it all start?

My acting journey kicked off when I was just 7 years old. I remember going to a mall with my grandpa, and there I met folks from an acting agency. They took some snazzy photos, and before I knew it, I was stepping into the world of auditions and acting. My first gig was a Camlin colors ad, back in 2013. From there, the ball started rolling, and I’ve been on an incredible ride ever since.

Juggling education and acting can be quite a challenge. How do you manage both?

You’re absolutely right! Balancing school and acting takes some effort, but with a little help, it’s totally doable. Shoutout to my amazing school, Sri Balaji International School, for having my back. My principal, teachers, and friends all pitched in to make sure I didn’t miss out on either. I’d study during shoot breaks and always kept the passion for learning alive. Sure, the 10th standard was a big hurdle, but I managed to pull off an 87%, even while shooting during exams!

You’ve taken on a diverse range of roles on screen. Which one challenged you the most, and how did you prepare for it?

Every role brings its own challenges, but two really pushed me. One was playing Toolsidas Jr., where I had to master snooker. Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone! The second is my upcoming film, “Kadak Singh,” releasing in September. In this one, I’m a complete opposite of my real self. It was tough, but I embraced the challenge and gave it my all. Challenging roles make me feel extraordinary, you know!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of acting for you? Any favorite genre or type of role?

Working with fantastic actors and learning from them is the ultimate reward for me. Their insights and perspectives on characters are gold. As for genres, I’m an open book! Horror, sports drama, intense roles, you name it. I’ve played them all. If I had to pick, I’d love to dive into action comedy and romantic genres in the future. But hey, gotta grow a bit more for that, right?

Dealing with the pressures of the entertainment industry can be tough. How do you handle it all?

Pressure’s part and parcel of the deal, but I’ve got a simple approach: don’t sweat the small stuff. Stress doesn’t hang around in my head for long. I take things in stride, knowing that obstacles are just stepping stones. With the right mindset, you can conquer anything. I’m just grateful for all the opportunities that come my way.

You’ve worked with some big names. Any standout lessons from your co-stars or directors?

Oh, absolutely! Lessons have been pouring in from every corner of the industry. From Rajamouli sir’s guidance during “RRR” to Sanjay Dutt sir’s wisdom about acting through the eyes, I’ve soaked up a ton. Tony Da, director of “Kadak Singh,” taught me to stay true to my skills and the film’s vibe. Pankaj Tripati sir showed me the power of staying grounded and being a team player. Lessons are everywhere, and I’m here to learn!

Apart from acting, any hobbies or creative interests you’re passionate about?

Cricket is my jam! I’m a complete cricket geek. Whether it’s playing with friends or catching a match, I’m all in. Sure, studies find their place too, but cricket takes the top spot in my heart.

Fame and success at a young age can change things. How do you keep it real and stay connected with friends and family?

It’s true, fame can mess with things, but I’m all about staying grounded. I don’t let success get to my head. My friends and family keep me down-to-earth, and I cherish every moment with them. When I’m around them, I’m just me, and that’s something I’ll never change.

Any role models in the industry who inspire you?

Varun Dhawan is my absolute hero! I’m a massive fan, and I’ll catch his movies any time, anywhere. Meeting him was a dream come true, and he recognized my work, which was mind-blowing. And, of course, sharing screen space with Salman Khan sir is a dream I’m aiming for!

With cricket, career, and dreams in the mix, Varun Buddhadev is conquering the industry while staying grounded and true to himself. We can’t wait to see this young star rise to even greater heights!


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