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In conversation with Tanishka Juneja

Fashion influencers and creators have made it easier for everyone to understand fashion
and styling all around the world. One such talented and passionate fashionista who has
consistently raised the bar of trends with every video and picture she posts is Aashna Shroff.
Being one of India’s highest-followed social media influencers, she is experimental in both
her personality and wardrobe choices.
A favourite of top Indian and international brands, including Gucci, L’Oréal, Tory Burch, Dior,
Jimmy Choo and many others, Aashna’s style game is always on point and rightly sways the
choices of those who look up to her for OOTD inspiration. But it wasn’t always like this!
Shroff started out when people were unaware of social media influencers and its credibility.
Luckily, there’s been a big shift now and we believe that most of the campaigns are
influencer-led now.
Speaking of her journey, the fashionista opened up about her mother being her constant
support, how her style has changed, her favourite part about dressing up, one thing that
tops her bucket list, and much more…
During our childhood, we’re often asked, “Bade hokar kya banoge?” What was your
answer to this question and did it change with time?
Ever since I was in school, fashion used to be the one thing I was most passionate about.
And I always dreamt of one day being a part of the fashion industry. When I grew up and
became a preschool teacher, while I absolutely loved every second of the job, my love for
fashion always took priority. So when I look back now, I did ultimately do what I wanted to
all along, even though I had a little bit of a detour on the way.
Your mom was your constant support to help you follow your dream and even after that.
As a female fashion entrepreneur and content creator, how do you manage to inspire
women who look up to you to understand the importance of “girl power” and also make
them believe in themselves when they don’t?

My mom helped me create all my content when I started on Instagram, and she is still a
huge part of my work, be it with creative inputs or helping me create content when we
travel together. My team is all women. In fact, I live in a house full of women. So for me, the
biggest inspirations in my life have all been women. Whether it’s running the house, or
working hard towards our goals, or just being each other’s sources of strength, none of it is
possible without the women in my life. They’re all so strong and inspiring, and if my house
and life isn’t the perfect example of “girl power”, I don’t know what is.
There’s never a typical day at work in a creator’s life and no 2 days are the same. But
when do you feel that you’re at your creative best?
While every day is different in my line of work, the little bit of consistency I have with my
morning routine is extremely important to help me be at my creative best. For example, I
love waking up early, and kick starting my day on the right note, whether that’s getting a
work out in, or a short meditation, or just having my morning coffee at peace, my time
alone in the mornings are extremely sacred to me, and are the only way I feel motivated and
ready to start a work day.

2023 has been really kind to you in terms of the adventurous yet fulfilling year you’ve had
so far. From attending the epic Dior show at the Gateway of India to visiting Singapore
with Tory Brunch, you’ve experienced it all. Do you ever look back and wonder how you
ended up living the life you had only dreamt about and does that motivate you to never
disappoint the introverted girl who wasn’t sure about what to do and took that leap of
Every single day! I say this very often, we are the first generation of creators. When we
started out, none of us knew where this career would take us. And as someone who started
with almost nothing, to be able to work with some of the biggest brands across the globe
and in India, is beyond anything I had ever imagined. I’m still that same introvert inside, who
still runs away from social interaction as much as possible, but all I feel is gratitude every
single day for posting that first picture on Instagram 10 years ago, and for all the people that
chose to follow and trust me, and gave me the opportunity to share my love for fashion and
beauty over the years.

You’re someone who sets significant fashion goals for everyone and your followers look
up to you for #ootd inspiration. How has your style changed over the past few years?
Oh man, it’s been quite the journey! Even when I look back to just a year ago, I feel like my
style has changed, so imagine what 10 years can do. I started out as a 20 year old, who
barely knew a thing about fashion, but never left an opportunity to experiment with her
style. My first blog post was all about my love for maxi skirts, something that you’ll rarely
see me wear today, and even if I do, I’d style them so differently now. Safe to say, my style
has changed tremendously in the last decade, and continues to change even today.
What are your other interests? How do you spend your downtime?
Apart from fashion and beauty, interior design is something that has always interested me.
So I’m always looking for different corners in the house I can make small changes to, or
scrolling on Pinterest for inspiration. Apart from that, Korean dramas are my biggest
obsession at the moment, so if I’m ever not working, I’m usually either watching a new K-
Drama on Netflix, or listening to Ed Sheeran, or playing The Sims.
What is your favourite part about dressing up – for an event or in general?
Being able to style each piece in my wardrobe in a different way each time I wear it is always
my favourite part of dressing up. I love experimenting, playing with different prints, colours
and textures, so I take it up as a challenge when I’m styling my daily outfits.
What is one thing your followers would be surprised to hear about you?
I think the fact that I love watching zombie shows (laughs). ‘The Walking Dead’ is my

Rapid Fire:

What is your guilty pleasure?

One thing that tops your bucket list
A month long trip to Italy in the summer!

Online shopping or in-store shopping?
Online, all the way!

A makeup/skincare product you swear by
My Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara!

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
That my journey inspired someone to start their career in fashion.

What is your go-to-lazy dinner?
Spicy ramen! I can literally have it for dinner every single day.


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