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World smallest superstar- Abdu Rozik- Cover star of face magazine

He is a Tajik singer who etched his name in record books as the world’s smallest singer. He shot to fame owing to his unique talent for singing Tajik rap songs. He has a very successful YouTube channel with over 350K subscribers. 

FACE’s Editor, Neha Sachar Mittal caught up with none other than Bollywood’s favourite Abdu Rozik, in an exclusive Interview and can safely say that all good things, indeed, come in small packages.  

You come from a very humble background, in fact, you had a difficult childhood where you couldn’t treat the ailment which led to your condition due to a lack of funds back then. So today at the age of 19… where the world knows who you are…what does success mean to you personally?

I believe that if I did get the medicine I would not be where I am today. I am healthy and feel blessed that I am different.  I am still growing in my mind and my career and have a long way to go but of course, my size makes me more approachable and allows me to get away with a lot of things! 

You are a singer and rapper… where do you draw inspiration for your talent?

Singing was always an escape. I used to sing when I was stressed or write songs to offload my mind. Music makes me happy and content and as a career choice makes going to work a lot easier as I enjoy singing so much. When I sing, the reaction also warms me.

Tell us about your Bollywood debut with Salman Khan. What’s the movie about and what’s your role like? 

I am so grateful for this opportunity and really understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Without saying too much, this movie is a comedy about love.  My role is very charismatic and mysterious and a part of a jigsaw that creates such a wonderful story 🙂

You have a great fashion sense and your accessory game is on point… do you wish to do something in the fashion space?

Honestly, my manager is the one who styles me every day. I can’t take this credit but I love clothes and fashion and would love to also create a brand where adult clothes could be made for people with my condition or even just kids who want to wear mature clothing.

Your fans are eagerly waiting for your debut music albums… tell us more about them. 

I have three new songs one is a mix of Arabic and Hindi fusion (Habibti) based on a love story where size doesn’t matter. The second is called Pyaar which is a pure love song in full Hindi and the third song is called Chota Bhaijaan which is dedicated to my big Bhaijaan Salman Khan.

Tell us everything there is to know about your much-hyped MMA fight against Hasbulla Magomedov.

I have been training daily and feel that there needs to be a conclusion to this as everyone is waiting for this. I am ready to take this on and show my other side as I always came across as a singer and not a fighter. Hasbulla is more of a talker and I’m sure this fight will have some surprises!

You have recently been seen a lot with various Bollywood stars…who is your favourite and why?

I would love to meet Shahrukh khan but Salman khan is my favourite as he is very genuine and warm. I can read his face like I’ve known him for 10 years. He is an open book and I like that about him. Being straightforward and honest is so important in this industry. I thank him again for believing in me and giving me a chance.


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