Exclusive Interview with Sadhna Singh- Founder Savour & Aura


Q1. What is ‘Savour and Aura’ to you, how would you describe the brand to the world? 

 Savour and Aura is the journey of creating a symphony from nature. The idea is to Savour the subtlety of the elements that surround us and create your own Aura of realism and uniqueness. As we all know that India is a country that is blessed with a rich heritage, culture, and a lot of elements that are yet to be explored when it comes to natural aroma, Fragrance making has a lot of scopes. Each state of India has its own advantageous elements such as Saffron extracted from the North, Tube Rose from the Northwest, and many more. Kannauj has a history of having the most precious Attar.

There are items such as Sandalwood, Olibanum, and Camphor that have been brought from the early medieval times as a sign of wealth, prestige, and luxury. I am fond of exploring these essences and understanding the properties of natural, earthy materials that can contribute to the fragrance industry. So, I decided to carry this heritage and culture forward. My brand savour and aura is the promise of holding on to our prestige and our roots and experiencing aroma in each day of our lives. The motive is to bring the best from all parts of the world. 

Q2. Ms. Sadhana, which is your favorite product from the entire product line? 

All the products have an emotional attachment with me because I always look after sourcing raw materials to make the final products such that they have a strong remembrance value. I am very much engaged in blending each element to create the final product line in the form of fragrance oils, essential oils, or blends. Two product is my everyday use that is Palmarosa and Geranium essential oil. Palmarosa essential oil is my favorite go-to product for skincare; it is very effective for the skin that needs more care and attention. I mostly diffuse Geranium while I am feeling low due to hectic schedules and it helps in uplifting the mood, it energizes the senses. 

Musk 19  It is one of the most iconic products of the B2B industry and when it was launched in the Retail Market it gathered a lot of desire and appreciation.

Q3. In your eyes, what is the future of Savour and Aura? What are your expansion plans and vision?

As a woman who is inspired to promote business growth, and diversify into new aspects too, I wish to expand slowly, thoughtfully, and also will inculcate the sustainable aspect to our brand, and product line. 

I am a strong believer in promoting small-scale businesses too; I started sourcing from small perfumery traders without compromising the quality from almost every part of the country. 

I found traders who are associated directly with farmers and procured natural essential oils or extractions which would make Savour and Aura, always pure, and perfect. The uniqueness of the brand is definitely that we procure raw material, perform extractions by distillation, and other techniques, we further pack, and market the product entirely ourselves. The whole business from making to selling is our own. 

Long term vision is to work on promoting and supporting a women labor-intensive industry in the perfumery/fragrance world. 

Discover the range of essential oils, fragrance oils, and more at www.savourandaura.com 

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