July Face Magazine 2021

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Face Magazine is extremely happy to release “Entertainment Issue”with none other than Badshah as our cover star. Let’s hail to July, 2021. There have been enough sources of fun in our lives, being it indoors or outdoors. But there’s one that’s been consistent and ‘much needed’ in all our lives ever since I can remember but more so, even now during this pandemic. And that’s ‘Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment’.

From Tv Shows to music albums, Web series or Digital platforms to podcasts or magazines; surfing has always been a life saviour and a fabulous distraction when it comes to surfing in life through our long, tiring days.

And so Face Magazine bring to you it’s ‘Entertainment Issue’ where we make you meet some of the most celebrated artists who kept us alive and kicking, thanks to their contributions to this industry.
So be ready to be entertained but flipping through the pages of our magazine.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed curating it for you.