A medium in which I freely flow to express..
the churning…contemplation.
Each layer..merging to create new works..an extension of me.

-Madhuri Bhaduri

The Exhibition

Art as a subject can never fail to amuse us. Its multiple facets, topics, subjects, and the hundreds of perspectives of a million artists who always keep this field in the phase of reinvention. Amidst the lockdown when we are not able to feed our hunger pangs for the world wherein these beautiful paintings and sculptures exist, we at F.A.C.E magazine have brought this world to you, for you, on your couch.

We bring to you masterpieces by the renowned senior artist Madhuri Bhaduri who has been blending our love for abstracts, landscapes, and sculptures since the '80s and is now going live with her work on our website.


Glimpses | Musings | Horizons | Reflections | Moon | Seascapes

Madhuri Bhaduri

A creative sojourn which began with figuration, now encompasses abstraction and landscape paintings primarily in oils, besides sculptures and assemblages featuring found metal scraps and leftovers from her art practice as well as design work. Madhuri Bhadhuri is constantly reinventing the idea of abstract art for us. In an amalgamation of abstraction and impressionist nature-scape; her work reveals an autobiographical streak and a mature and confident hand. Her eye-catching palette draws on nature and its surroundings in a non-representational idiom. Resplendent in their composition and appeal, the masterful brushstrokes endow the imagery a sense of stillness. Transcending any specific locale or landscape, they offer the viewer tantalizing glimpses of another dreamlike world.
Madhuri is a highly motivated and hard-working multifaceted persona - a painter, sculptor and entrepreneur. Madhuri, a socially committed observer and keen traveler, has been regularly participating in interactive workshops, radio talks and panel discussions. She contributes to shows and auctions aimed at raising funds for charities including CRY, Concern India and Khushii Foundation, among others. The accomplished artist’s work has been exhibited in different Indian cities and across the world, with more than forty solo and over a 100 group shows including as part of art fairs in New York, London, Singapore, Miami, Dubai, and Rotterdam. Her paintings are in the collections of renowned Indian institutions, corporates, hotels, and aesthetes. Featured in numerous publications, Madhuri Bhaduri has over a dozen awards to her credit. Most recently, she has been honored with Amrita Shergill Rashtriya Kala Puraskar (2018) by the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), New Delhi, and the Exceptional Woman of Excellence in Art Award from the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) at The Hague, Netherlands earlier the same year.

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